Machine Shop

Here in the machine shop facility you can find our conventional lathes that have a functional length of up to 156 inches to tackle even the largest cylinders out there!

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Welding Facility

Our welding facility is equiped with two MIG welders, one TIG welder and one SUBMERGED ARC welder to satisfy your needs.

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Plating Facility

Our plating facility is fully operational 7 days a week. Parts 20 inches in diameter and up to 22 feet long can quickly be plated to the required thickness.

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Line Boring

We are equipped with the most recent equipement to be able to give you the best quality in welding and boring.

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It has been 17 years when Hydrauli-Chrome Inc. set itself on a mission : to offer heavy equipment and other heavy industries the best hydraulic cylinder repair service and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing in the region. As the years went by, we refined the skills and techniques of our specialty and we are now proud to present you with both superior quality repairs and minimal turn-around time. Also, with the new in line boring service in our facility, including the pin manufacturing, we can serve you better.

Each remanufactured cylinder that goes out our doors is guarantied to comply with even the strictest of manufacturer's original specifications. Our technicians can also assist you in the development, design and fabrication of custom cylinders for your special applications. Our policy here at Hydrauli-Chrome Inc. is quite simple: We will give our customers the best repairs in the business and warranty parts and labour for one full year in normal cylinder operating conditions. We have put together a proud, competent team, ready to to serve you at any time. We look forward to being favoured with your business.